Tech Bindery

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About Us

Tech Bindery is a woman-owned company. We are a leading manufacturer of index tabs, mechanical bindery, plastic coil bind, wire-0 (double loop) bind, and shrink wrap as well as a providers of collating, cutting, drilling, fulfillment, and assembly. We use the following modern state-of-the-art equipment to fulfill your order:

  • Automatic Collators
  • JBI Punchers
  • JBI Wire-O Machines
  • Lawson 5-Hole Drill
  • Scotty 5000
  • Scott 10,000
  • Scott Reinforcing Machines
  • Shrink Wrapping Equipment
  • Spiral Auto & Manual Machines

In today's business environment, we find that price is no longer the singular criteria when choosing a subcontractor. In addition to a competitive price, evolving customer requirements now demand consistent high quality and on-time delivery. Now more than ever, the reliability of your vendors must coincide with the same high standards expected by your client.

Knowing this, the business practices of Tech Bindery provide the necessary support that exceeds the standards and expectations of your client. All carefully screened and trained employees receive training updates on a regular basis and our senior staff has over 30 years of bindery experience.

Because we are based in Southern California, there are no overseas delivery charges or time lost due to international shipping. We are centrally located to several current facilities, which allows local representatives convenient access to work in process, customer bindery checks, and involvement as a particular project dictates.

Currently, Tech Bindery supports several facilities throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, and Utah. We encourage you to solicit references on us from them. We are confident that we will pass muster relating to quality and delivery and our turnaround times can't be beat.